Issued at 11:00 a.m., 13 September 2016
Typhoon “FERDIE” is now threatening Batanes and Babuyan group of islands
  • Estimated rainfall amount is from moderate to heavy rains within its 600 kmdiameter of the typhoon.
  • The typhoon is expected to be in the vicinity of Batanes on Wednesday morning.
  • Residents in Northern Luzon are advised to take precautionary measures against impacts of very strong winds and heavy rainfall.


Location of Eye/Center:
(as of 10:00 a.m.)
340 km East Southeast of Basco, Batanes
Coordinates: 19.7°N, 125.1°E
Strength: Maximum sustained winds of up to 215 kph near the center
and gustiness of up to 250 kph.
Movement: Forecast to move West Northwest at 23 kph.
Forecast Positions/Outlook: 24 Hour(Tomorrow morning):
150 km West Northwest of Basco, Batanes

48 Hour(Thursday morning):
600 km West Northwest of Basco, Batanes (OUTSIDE PAR)

72 Hour(Friday morning):
935 km Northwest of Basco, Batanes (OUTSIDE PAR)

96 Hour(Saturday morning):
1,085 km North Northwest of Basco, Batanes (OUTSIDE PAR)



TCWS Luzon Visayas Mindanao Impacts of the wind
(171-220 kph 
Expected in 12 hours)
Batanes Group of Islands
  • Very heavy damage to high–risk structures
  • Heavy damage to medium risk structures;
  • Moderate damage to low-risk structures
  • Considerable damage to structures of light materials (up to 75% are totally and partially destroyed); complete roof structure failures.
  • Many houses of medium-built materials are unroofed, some with collapsed walls; extensive damage to doors and windows
  • A few houses of first-class materials are partially damaged
  • All signs/billboards are blown down. There is almost total damage to banana plantation
  • Most mango trees, ipil-ipil and similar types of large trees are downed or broken.
  • Coconut plantation may suffer extensive damage.
  • Rice and corn plantation may suffer severe losses.
Wave Height: (Open Sea) more than 14.0 meters                                                                              Storm surge 2-3m possible at coastal areas
(121-170 kph
Expected in 18 hrs.)
Babuyan Group of Islands
  • Heavy damage to high risk structures;
  • Moderate damage to medium-risk structures;
  • Light damage to low risk structures
  • Increasing damage (up to more than 50%) to old dilapidated residential structures and houses of light materials.  Majority of all nipa and cogon houses may be unroofed or destroyed
  • Houses of medium-strength materials (old, timber or mixed timber-CHB structures, usually with G.I. roofings); some warehouses or bodega-type structures are unroofed.
  • There may be widespread disruption of electrical power and communication services.
  • Almost all banana plants are downed.
  • Some big trees (acacia, mango, etc.) are broken or uprooted
  • Dwarf-type or hybrid coconut trees are tilted or downed
  • Rice and corn crops may suffer heavy losses
  • Damage to shrubbery and trees with foliage blown off; some large trees blown down.
Wave Height: > Ocean Wave Height: Open Sea) > 14.0 meters                                                                      Storm surge of up to 2.0 meters is possible at coastal areas
(61-120 kph
Expected in 24 hrs.)
Ilocos Norte,
Apayao and
Northern Cagayan
  • Light to Moderate damage to high risk structures;
  • Very light to light damage to medium-risk structures;
  • No damage to very light damage to low risk structures
  • Unshielded, old dilapidated schoolhouses, makeshift shanties, and other structures of light materials are partially damaged or unroofed.
  • A number of nipa and cogon houses may be partially or totally unroofed.
  • Some old galvanized iron (G.I.) roofs may be peeled or blown off.
  • Some wooden, old electric posts are tilted or downed.
  • Some damage to poorly constructed signs/billboards
  • In general, the winds may bring light to moderate damage to the exposed communities. Most banana plants, a few mango trees, ipil-ipil and similar types of trees are downed or broken.
  • Some coconut trees may be tilted with few others broken.
  • Rice and corn may be adversely affected.
  • Considerable damage to shrubbery and trees with some heavy-foliaged trees blown down.
Wave Height (Open Sea): 4.1 – 14.0 meters                                                                                                 Storm surge possible at coastal areas
(30-60 kph
Expected in 36 hrs.)
Rest of Cagayan,
Northern Isabela,
and Northern Ilocos Sur
  • Very light or no damage to low risk structures,
  • Light damage to medium to high risk structures
  • Slight damage to some houses of very light materials or makeshift structures in exposed communities. Some banana plants are tilted, a few downed and leaves are generally damaged
  • Twigs of small trees may be broken.
  • Rice crops, however, may suffer significant damage when it is in its flowering stage.
Wave Height (Open Sea): 1.25-4.0 meters

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