Super Typhoon Usagi or Typhoon “ODETTE” is Earth’s strongest storm of 2013,

Super Typhoon Usagi, the equivalent of a Category 5 Atlantic hurricane, has intensified rapidly in the western Pacific Ocean and will threaten parts of Taiwan, the far northern Philippines and southern China through the next several days. A tropical cyclone is dubbed a “super typhoon” when maximum sustained winds reach at least 150 mph. Usagi underwent a period of rapid intensification from early Wednesday through midday Thursday (U.S. Eastern time), going from a 55-knot tropical storm to a 140-knot super typhoon in just 33 hours, or just under a 100 mph intensification, based on satellite estimates of intensity. Usagi is expected to maintain a west-northwest path through Saturday. Here are the potential forecast impacts by location for Usagi. The strongest storm of the year thus far is headed toward Taiwan and eventually Hong Kong.Hong Kong was on Friday preparing to be battered by Super Typhoon Usagi

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Super Typhoon Usagi

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