‘It’s More Fun in the Philippines’ trended worldwide and Internet meme

It’s more fun in the Philippines,” the new slogan adopted by the Department of Tourism to sell the country abroad, may have the power to make the country’s dreams of attracting 10 million tourists by 2016 a reality. “Yung target po ni (Tourism) Secretary Mon Jimenez ay… he’s very, very confident… ten million… ten million ang kaniyang target by 2016,” presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda told reporters at a press briefing Friday. The new slogan, launched Friday, is the first in a series of campaigns that will be launched in the coming months by the Tourism Department, the Palace official noted. Lacierda said the Aquino administration is happy the new slogan is a top trending topic on social media. “It’s trending worldwide right now sa social media so it has apparently caught on and the President has been briefed about the slogan,” he said. “So, we are in support of Secretary Mon Jimenez doon sa drive for the Philippine slogan, and apparently a lot of people have been tweeting about ‘More fun in the Philippines,’” Lacierda noted. Jimenez used social media because the Philippines is acknowledged as a capital of social media, according to the presidential spokesperson. “We have taken advantage of our dominance in social media and that has clearly played up very well in terms of trending worldwide,” Lacierda noted. In the 10 months to October, the Philippines received 3.2 million foreign visitors, up by 12 percent from 2.85 million a year earlier, DOT records showed. The department expects some 4.2 million tourists this year