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Typhoon "IGME" News Updates 0

Typhoon “IGME” News Updates

Typhoon “IGME” has slightly weakened as it continues to move towards Taiwan. Estimated rainfall amount is from 10 – 20 mm per hour (moderate – heavy) within the 500 km diameter of the Typhoon....

Bagyong Igme News Updates 0

Bagyong Igme News Updates

The active low pressure area East of Northern Luzon has developed into a tropical depression and was named “IGME”.Estimated rainfall amount is from 5 – 15 mm per hour (moderate – heavy) within the...

Typhoon Haikui News Updates 0

Typhoon Haikui News Updates

China’s third typhoon in a week ploughed into its eastern coast on Wednesday, halting transport in the financial capital of Shanghai and toppling houses in some rural areas, state media said. Typhoon Haikui made...